Bon Yurt, a way to enjoy a mixture of dairy products and grains

Colombia. With 30 years on the market, Alpina Bon Yurt presents a concept that represents an important innovation, since its offer focuses on dairy products that are combined with cereals. Which allowed the company to be a pioneer in packaging design.

The development of this product represents an opportunity to add something to the yogurt to launch a more complete product. Which marked a turning point in the dairy market.

Therefore, they developed packaging duo pack with a dome above and glass below, which created great challenges for production. Since over time, and considering the good reception the product had on the market, a automated solutionin order to be able to meet the required quantities.

This multi-purpose product has grown with different generations; children, young people and adults. Which is why today it is cataloged as an icon that follows the life story of Colombians. Presence at different moments of consumption; breakfast, lunch box, elevenses or dinner.

Innovation in the dairy industry that continues to position itself

Currently, Bon yurt continues to position itself on the Colombian market, from its Dairy Products They sell 208 units per minute. As a close, dynamic and creative brand that takes care of consumer tastes.

It is available in variants such as:
• Sugar
• Chocolate chips
• Yurt Musli
• Chocogozo
• Froot Loops
• Chocolate candies

Additionally, Bon Yurt Black is an innovation with an environmental impact, designing a new double layer glass structure that contains waste. The first layer is made of clean material that comes into contact with the product, and the second is made of recycled material.

Finally, Alpina plans to continue nourishing the lives of its consumers with this dairy product that has become an innovation in the food industry. For years, it confirms that its quality and taste continue to delight consumers.

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