Butter that tastes like heaven

Butter Gloria represents an innovation with a unique spray butter on the market. Made from cow’s milk fat.

Mexico.- Backed by all the taste and quality of Gloria butter, comes the only spray-packaged butter made from cow’s milk fat, which has the advantage of reducing and controlling the use of fat in dishes. It is a product that prevents food from sticking to the pan. It can be used for sweet and savory dishes.

The spray butter is packaged with a valve and protective cap inside a corrugated box, giving it a shelf life of 9 months, and is also useful for baking, sautéing and demoulding.

In this way, Cremería Americana, through its Mantequilla Gloria brand, responds to its commitment that its recipes achieve the desired success, satisfying even the most demanding palates. The quality of the products and the recognition of the brands, behind which he stands for more than 110 years, mean that his creations are on everyone’s lips.

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