By reducing the use of plastic bags, China reduced plastic consumption by 270 thousand tons

The restriction started on June 1, 2008, the results show a change in attitude among consumers.

Limiting the use of PET bags in the Chinese trade network allows this country to reduce its annual consumption of plastic by more than 270 thousand tons, which is equivalent to saving 1.6 million tons of oil, Xinhua news agency announced today.

Since June 1, 2008, the date when local authorities banned stores from giving away plastic bags to consumers, the Wal-Mart chain has saved nearly 40 billion promotional bags in its 106 Chinese supermarkets, a reduction of more than 80%.

According to data from another distribution chain, Carrefour, only 24% of users buy plastic bags in stores, while the rest prefer now to go shopping with their own bag. Most of the interviewees assure that they are not doing this for economic reasons, but to preserve the environment.

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