Cabaña Las Dinas opens its first salumería in Buenos Aires

This location will be the flagship for the opening of another company headquarters and the company’s next franchise program. With an investment of 4,000,000 pesos and the goal of deepening the concept of providing extreme quality directly from the manufacturer, this location will be the sign for the opening of the second own headquarters and the next franchise program.

Cabaña Las Dinas (, a historic gourmet sausage factory in Tandil, works with the philosophy of creating noble and delicious products, taking care of the preparation and the raw materials used. And now it deepens this concept with the inauguration of its first store in Buenos Aires, which fulfills two new conditions for the brand: it is dedicated to the ultimate audience and is the first outside of Tandil. The premises are located at Av. Alvear 434, Martínez.

With the idea of ​​continuing to be a family project, Las Dinas follows the personal development of one of its partners and arrives in Buenos Aires under the name Dinas Salumería. The premises are located at Av. Alvear 434, Martínez.

“For this new challenge, we have chosen other producers who work with the same dedication and commitment to their products and customers. For this reason, the vital plant of Dinas Salumeria has true productive roots and a strong loyalty to consumers. The synergy achieved guarantees an excellent relationship:
top quality and reasonable market prices,” explains María José Panighetti, in charge of this new headquarters.

“We bring together local producers of the highest quality, with careful preparation like ours. We propose creating a space for tasting as a rewarding experience, where knowledge of the knowledge and peculiarities of the terroir can be transferred, building the concept from the development of sensitivity,” concludes Carlos Panighetti, another of the company’s partners.

Courtesy, selling what is promised, presenting the value of what is actually produced, bringing food of excellent quality and generous flavors produced by Argentines to the Argentine table. These are some of the elements that were taken into account when Produlac was invited for the line of cheeses and dairy sweets, Quesos Moreno with its contribution of Polish pieces, Titi and Filomena sweets, Los Montes for pickles and other sweets, Allolio and La Tebaida olive oil, etc.

They were all chosen not to compete with each other in the same place.
Added to the aforementioned offer are handmade accessories such as boards, bowls and trays made of stationary solid wood designed by Pablo Picco, and the creation of the winery – which begins with the same mystique as the store – was made by Teresita Barrio.

Las Dinas ( is a family business located 5 minutes from the center of Tandil. In 1980, a couple of sociologists settled in the city and founded Cabaña Las Dinas, a hut for pigs. In 1983, with part of their own production, they added the production of sausages and thereby added value to the chain. Today, in an integrative project, 8 brothers are involved in the family business, following the destinations of the company, which has a camping complex and exclusive cabins inserted in a field of cerrillada of 50 hectares, and an offer of flavors and recipes from all over the world .. that give color to its wide offer sausage.

You can visit and buy at the place, calle Francia 2409 – Tandil In Buenos Aires: Av. Alvear 434, Martínez.

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