Cadbury will be present at “The Chocolate Experience”

Participants will be offered a Spa designed for women who want to pamper themselves and enjoy the antioxidant, moisturizing, softening and revitalizing benefits of chocolate.

Cadbury, one of the most important confectionery manufacturers in the world, will be part of the largest chocolate exhibition in Mexico: “The Chocolate Experience”, where it will offer visitors a Spa designed for women who want to pamper themselves and enjoy the benefits of antioxidants, chocolate that hydrates, softens and revitalizes.

“Our primary goal is to offer every consumer the best experience when they try our Cadbury chocolates, hence the idea of ​​pampering them with a Spa, where they can enjoy the other properties of the chocolate,” said Edmundo Galván, Cadbury’s vice president of marketing for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean . “Thanks to these activities, we have achieved a broad position among women between the ages of 25 and 44 who consume our Cadbury chocolates,” he added.

The properties of chocolate go beyond the feeling of joy and energy caused by its ingredients. It also offers multiple benefits when used for body treatments.

Cadbury knows that body care is something that piques the interest of women of all ages. For this reason, from January 23 to 25, Cadbury will welcome all those women who work and are looking for a moment to pamper themselves after a busy day at the Gold 2 stand of the World Trade Center.

During the exhibition, in addition to relaxing, visitors will be able to enjoy a rich selection of Cadbury chocolates:

• Dairy milk: the creamiest and tastiest chocolate with Cadbury’s exclusive formula in its purest expression.
• Fruits and nuts: delicious Cadbury chocolate with raisins and almonds in an individual version.
• Burnt Almond: Delicious dark chocolate with almonds.
• Almond: delicious Cadbury chocolate with toasted almonds.
• Premium dark: For lovers of dark chocolate, Cadbury offers its delicious and exclusive formula with 43% pure cocoa.
• Caramilk: recently added to the Mexican market, it is a creamy chocolate filled with delicious caramel.

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