Café Matiz was born

It launched four varieties ranging from mild to intense, either grain or ground.

In Colombia, Matiz coffee is grown at an altitude of 1,700 meters above sea level, which the company claims is selected by expert hands who ensure the selection of ripe beans, which, after roasting and grinding, define the drink by its character and strength.

Under the commercial slogan “Reserved for those who know about coffee”, the company launched four varieties in both bean and ground presentation, ranging from mild to intense flavor.

The variety called Marfil, he added, shows a light roast and medium grind that offers a mild flavor, with a pleasant aroma, high acidity, medium/low body and citrus notes. Whereas with Ambar, he said, its roast and medium grind make its flavor nuance balanced, with pronounced aroma, medium acidity, medium/high body and sweet notes.

The Scarlet presentation, the company explained, has a dark roast and coarse grind that makes its flavor intense and prolonged, with pronounced aroma, medium/low acidity, high body and notes of toast and chocolate.

For its part, Ebano presents characteristics such as espresso roasting and coarse grinding that offer a strong and long-lasting taste, with an intense aroma, low acidity, high body and pleasant smoky and nutty notes, the Colombian company concluded.

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