Café World Table and its stellar packaging

The packaging offers protection from oxygen and moisture for the coffee. Mexico.- Recently, the new World Table coffee from Walmart from Mexico and Central America was recognized in the “Stellar Packaging and Packaging” competition of the Mexican Association for Packaging and Packaging (AMEE). It earned this distinction thanks to its 454 gram package design in regular roasted and ground, decaffeinated roasted and ground, and express ground. In addition to being attractive to customers, the packaging offers protection from oxygen and moisture, ensuring the freshness of the coffee.

The development of the new World Table coffee packaging is the result of a collaboration between the Strategic Brands Management of Walmart de México and Central America, Cafés Finos de Córdoba (CAFINCO) and Laminaciones Técnicas para Empaques SA de CV (LAMITEC). This effort privileged design innovation that AMEE considered to include World Table as one of the winners in the beverage packaging category.

“At Walmart de México y Centroamérica, we strive to have lasting relationships with our business partners to create products that exceed our customers’ expectations. CAFINCO has been a supplier of its own brand since the seventies. On this occasion, we are proud to join LAMITEC, one of the leading food packaging companies, in this development,” said Antonio Ocaranza, the company’s director of corporate communications.

With this kind of packaging, World Table guarantees the freshness and quality of its coffee, which is grown on the slopes of the Citlatepetl volcano (Pico de Orizaba) by the CAFINCO company, which traces its roots back to the end of the 19th century. World Table coffee is sold in all Walmart and Super stores nationwide.

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