CANILEC appoints Mariano Salceda as its new president

Mexico. – National Chamber of Dairy Industry (CANILEC), has named as its new president Mariano Salcedo Servín de la Mora, vice president for new businesses at Danone de México. The said body is of public interest, independently, officially recognized as a representative National dairy industry and advisory body of the Mexican state.

Companies to follow Mariano Salceda During their management as directors, owners and deputies, they are an inclusive group representing the entire sector: Lactalis, Alpura, Qualtia, Lechera Alteña, Yakult, Liderlac, Sigma, Mead Johnson, Covadonga, Nestlé, Quesos Navarro, Lyncott, Mondelez and Dupont.

“It is vital for the industry to remain informed, aligned, united, strong and organized to face the changes and embrace the challenges that arise in any health, regulatory or climate context,” explained Mariano Salceda.

In this sense, Salceda de la Mora Mariano is considering a work plan with 10 strategic axes based on:

  1. Encourage a professional, united, participatory, strong and active membership.
  2. Ensure the continuity of the work of the presidency and the previous board of directors.
  3. Promote consumption Dairy Products and its derivatives.
  4. Promote objective and ethical regulations.
  5. Promote high impact initiatives in primary production.
  6. Markets (competitiveness and volatility avoidance)
  7. Strengthen relations with the government and institutional links.
  8. Promote foreign market and trade agreements.
  9. Enhance the image and effect of the camera.
  10. Promote environmentally sustainable practices, including new talent, as well as technology to improve performance, cost and quality.

“At Danone, we are proud and congratulate Marian who, for more than two and a half decades in charge of supply and new business within the company, was the main driver of the sustainable development of livestock farmers, through the “Margarita” program,” says Francois Lacombe, general manager of Danone Mexico and Central America.

Mariano Salceda points out Miguel Angel García Paredesdirector of institutional relations of Grupo Lala, who served as president CANILEC During the last years.

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