Canned wines, a new trend in Argentina

Argentina. – Him wine is one of the main ones drinks in Argentina and consumers’ need to have their favorite drink in an easy-to-carry presentation is one of the main reasons why canned wines have appealed to people in that South American country.

Sales from canned wine In Argentina, it became a trend that started at the end of 2019. So in 2020, there are already more than 10 wineries that offer options in cans. The success of this new product Cans are largely responsible for this, because it is practical to move with them, it cools much faster, there is no danger of exploding in the freezer or freezer.

One of the first canned wines to appear was Santa Julia Chenin, a natural candy in a 375 milliliter can. After that, in January and February, new brands such as Dilema, Dadá, New Age among other brands and wineries were launched.

An aluminum can has many benefits and advantages, for example:

• It is inert
• The wine is kept under vacuum
• Does not take aroma from aluminum
• It is not necessary to use a corkscrew

In 2019, canned wine was one of the top five global wine trends. “Yes, we can” (can is can in English) was the title chosen to describe the progress of the new format.

Consumption of wine in the country

According to the latest statistical report from National Institute of Viticulture, shipments of wine to the Argentine domestic market recorded the largest year-on-year jump since 2013 to date. Red, varietal and bottles are leading the rise, but sparkling wines are falling. In total, 98 million liters were sold last month.

During the month of July 2020, there was a 21.7% increase in wine deliveries to the domestic market compared to July of the previous year, with a total volume of close to 98 million liters. An important fact for the sector is that similar figures have not been recorded for a month of deliveries in the last seven years.

Likewise, the accumulated growth in the first seven months of 2020 represents an increase of 9.4% compared to the same period in 2019. In total, 535 million liters wine so far this year. This accumulated increase in the domestic market marks a change in trend compared to what has happened in recent years.

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