Carrefour and P&G bring more children closer to sports

Through the joint work of both companies, all Carrefour clients will be able to cooperate with Asociación Conciencia. Carrefour Argentina and Procter & Gamble, united to promote sustainable practices, are implementing a campaign to promote sports among school boys and girls. Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, Córdoba and Mendoza. From May 14 to June 30, in all Carrefour stores, with the purchase of Pampers, Ariel, Oral B and Pantene products, all customers will be able to cooperate so that as many children as possible grow up and learn the values ​​provided by sports. In addition, in the P&G area of ​​participating stores*, participants will have the opportunity to play basketball, and for every shot in the hoop, another donation will be added and they will be able to win prizes.

Through this initiative, companies invite clients and consumers to join forces, who with their purchase will be able to collaborate with the sports projects carried out by Asociación Conciencia for the benefit of boys and girls who need it most. This is the fourth action carried out by companies under this mechanism and several entities have already benefited from this coordination: Special Olympics, Banco de Bosques Foundation and UNICEF.

“Sumando Voluntades” is the national CSR program of Carrefour Argentina that seeks to PROMOTE social inclusion, RAISE AWARENESS about environmental care and COOPERATION in feeding those who need it most. “At Carrefour Argentina, we believe that by coordinating actions with all sectors of the community, we will achieve results that will benefit more people in the long term. By aligning our sustainability strategy with that of P&G and Asociación Conciencia, we can reach future generations and thus contribute to improving their quality of life,” said Candela Arias, Head of Sustainable Development and CSR at Carrefour Argentina.

For her part, Cecilia Bauzá, Head of External Relations of P&G Argentina, assures: “Through our sustainability policy, we strive to touch and improve the lives of the people and communities in which we live and work; Therefore, on this occasion, through this alliance with Carrefour and Asociación Conciencia, we strive to promote sport and the values ​​it promotes. In this way, this alliance joins other actions that we carry out at P&G, such as, for example, our global campaign “Thank you mom”, recognition of mothers who support and celebrate their children’s sports dreams.”

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