Carrefour launches oil and PET recycling campaign

Together with the oil brand Cocinero and the Reciduca Foundation, the store represents an initiative to promote collection and recycling. The Cocinero brand and Carrefour Argentina together with the Reciduca Foundation are launching the country’s first PET oil container recycling campaign. This initiative invites customers of the Carrefour San Isidro hypermarket (Bernardo de Irigoyen 2647) to deposit their PET containers of edible oil (olive, sunflower, corn and grape), as well as water and soft drinks, in the bottle reception centers located at the entrance to the store . Young people who participate in the educational programs of the Reciduca Foundation will be in charge of spreading the campaign by inviting their neighbors to join this recycling circle.

This campaign promotes a change in consumer habits in the community and greater awareness of our society’s impact on the environment, providing a concrete way to recycle packaging.

The campaign started today, September 10, with the opening of the first Reception Center in Carrefour San Isidro, and it is planned to expand the action to more stores with the aim of further expanding the possibility of consumers to recycle their packaging and contribute to the activities of various non-governmental organizations in the country.

“We are very happy to contribute to creating awareness about the importance of PET recycling from COCINERO together with 2 great partners such as Carrefour and Reciduca. This action complements the brand’s commitment to Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), a campaign that began in 2011 in Brazil as part of Cocinero’s olive oil differentiation strategy in Brazilian countries,” said Martín Caravia, Cocinero brand manager.

“We are convinced that the only way to contribute to the progress of the community is to work together with our stakeholders. This initiative that we developed together with Cocinero will show us once again that we are on the right track,” said Candela Arias, head of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility at Carrefour Argentina.

PET recycling circuit
PET is a material that can be recycled for various products: packaging, textile fibers, carpets, ropes, brushes, brooms, shoes, T-shirts. Through the campaign, once consumers dispose of their empty containers, they will be collected and taken to the Cabelm recycling facility, one of the main companies in the country capable of turning PET containers into raw material for new containers.

How to arrange containers
1. Rinse the tank
2. Crush it and cover it
3. Traelos and Carrefour
4. Dispose of loose containers. You also have a place to leave your bags.

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