Carrefour will export Patagonian lamb to Colombia

The supplier that will carry out the transaction is Frigorífico Faimali and it is the first time that Colombia buys gaucho sheep meat. Carrefour Argentina has already exported the same product to Brazil and hopes to find a prosperous market in Colombia for this type of meat product, which is not easy to find.

“Unfortunately, lamb raised and slaughtered in Colombia has too much fat, which makes digestion difficult,” commented a chef invited to the inauguration of a hotel chain in Colombia.

Some housewives consulted by share the same opinion, and they agree that getting lamb in Bogotá, for example, is not an easy task: “Suddenly, it is available in some markets, and in the December season,” comments one consumer.

Another aspect that favors Carrefour with this type of product is that there is enough room for growth, since there is no widespread culture of consuming lamb in Colombia, so it could happen as with wine, a drink that Carrefour helped to position. the family basket of many Colombians.

Carrefour’s Patagonian lamb comes from Frigorífico Faimali SA, an Argentine company that started operations in 1986 and saw a good opportunity to export its products during the Argentine recession of the late 1990s.

The company states on its website that it started exporting in 1997, and that in 1999 it signed a contract with the Government of Santa Cruz Province, which allowed them to grow and position Patagonian lamb in other geographical areas.

The Patagonia region produces more than 15,000 tons per year, most of which is sold in the markets of developed countries, such as several within the European Union.

Patagonian lamb meat is in high demand because it contains little fat, is soft and tastes great thanks to being grown on natural pastures. According to data from the Argentine meat factory, the average weight of a lamb carcass in the region is between 9 and 13 kilograms.


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