Carrefour’s 100% own brand grew

This proposal, based on quality, variety and assortment, offers 20% and 30% lower prices than the leading brands, and already represents 7% of the company’s total turnover.

The Carrefour Group begins 2009 with new product lines of its own Carrefour brand. In addition to 1,251 high-consumption beverage products; Drugstore, Perfumery and Hygiene; The market; Breakfast; chilled and frozen; more than 150 fresh products; and 869 from Čaršija; Carrefour’s own brand increased its assortment by 70% last year.

As part of its frozen products, Marca Propia offers new ice cream options, this time creating a line of delicious ice cream sticks, to combat the summer heat everywhere. Added to this sweet proposition are cakes, alfajores and frozen chocolates, as well as homemade jams and crackers for breakfast and tea time.

Last December, Cider, Strawberry Fizz and Ananá Fizz were added, as well as in the Frozen area, Carrefour Own Brand hamburgers and meat medallions.

The Private Label supplier portfolio consists of SMEs and market leaders. The products are designed and manufactured using the highest technology, and safety is guaranteed by the Carrefour Quality Department. Internal and external laboratories throughout the year conduct exhaustive analyzes of all products, as well as strict audits in production facilities.

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