Casa Bianchi Winery: limited edition of premium sparkling wine

Its case reflects the elegance of this product.

Casa Bianchi, one of the few leading wineries in the hands of the founding family, presents a new premium sparkling wine to the market. This is “Bianchi Extra Brut Limited Edition”, a premium sparkling wine produced in an exemplary wine and sparkling wine cellar located in San Rafael, Mendoza.

With the advice of Corinne Lateyron, an oenologist who owns a château in France and a student of Emile Peynaud – the world’s leading reference in champagne production – Casa Bianchi’s oenological team oversees the evolution of these limited series that are part of a private cellar. family.

This special edition of only 45 thousand bottles includes the vintages of 2000, 2003 and 2005. It will be available in the most prestigious wine shops in the city of Buenos Aires, greater Buenos Aires and the most important cities in the interior of the country at a suggested price of $68.

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