Casancrem strengthens its image

Argentina.- Line Intenso Casancrem changes its image and presents options that follow different moments of consumption. The new original version is configured as an infallible ally for those who seek more intense flavor and more texture in their breakfasts.

From toast to preparations such as chips, cheesecakes, muffins and puddings, all these flavors can be enhanced by the addition of a new Casancrem Intense Original. On the other hand, the versions with ham and Ciboulette are presented as quick and tasty options to accompany the sauces in the snack.

He cream cheese It is a key ingredient in the food industry that needs to be adapted, with specific properties and tastes, adapting to each production process. In short, the food industry requires a cream cheese that adds value to its products to meet the demands of the end consumer and CasanCrem Intense is an option.

Consumption of dairy products

The expansion of the coronavirus has brought changes in consumer habits and preferences, and the dairy sector is no exception. Products such as liquid milk maintain good demand, although the situation is different for products such as soft cheeses, which have shown a significant increase. in demand as a result of the closure of shops and restaurants.

According to him Argentinian Dairy Chain Observatory (OCLA) sales volume was practically the same in the first three months of 2020 compared to the same period of the previous year in product volume (tons and thousands of liters) and an increase of 1.0% in equivalent liters of milk (necessary liters to produce finished products ).

In terms of per capita consumption for the first quarter of 2020, this results in 42 liters/capita of milk equivalent, which in annual perspective corresponds to a value of 181 liters, just one liter below the record for 2019, according to the balance sheet. dairy since March 2020.

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