Ceremonially opened Jumex plant

The company’s first factory outside of Mexico required an investment of $20 million.

The Mexican juice company Jumex opened this Wednesday in the northern area of ​​El Salvador a production facility from which it will supply the markets of Central America, Panama and the Dominican Republic, the vice presidency of that Central American state reported.

The factory was built on about 42 thousand square meters of land in the industrial zone in the city of Nejapa, 25 kilometers north of San Salvador.

It was officially opened by the vice president of El Salvador, Ana Vilma Albanez de Escobar, and the director of the owner of Jumex, Eugenio López Rodea, according to the press release.

With the launch of the juice processing plant, the first that Jumex is opening outside of Mexico and in which 20 million dollars have been invested, 118 jobs have been created.

Thus, in that Central American country, they will have a facility for processing and packaging juices and nectars in cans, cardboard and plastic packaging.

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