Ceremonially opened laboratory for plastics

The new laboratory built at the University of Celaya has cutting-edge technology for proper plastic molding.

The constant growth of the country’s plastics industry forces workers in that sector to be more prepared, which is why the University of Celaya has opened its Plastic Injection Molding Laboratory.

The new lab is located in the also inaugurated Center for Engineering Innovation, which seeks to have greater links with the private sector and support plastics conversion companies, which are booming nationally.

Juan Antonio Garrido, an engineer of Spanish origin who was a consultant for the creation of the laboratory, pointed out that six million tons of plastic are transformed annually in Mexico alone, which represents 2% of global consumption and more significant consumption than on the European continent.

“This means that there is more potential for the development of technologies related to plastic transformation, in addition, the export of finished plastic products exceeds seven billion dollars per year, which is why it is a niche market for entrepreneurs,” he said. .

An international expert in innovative plastic injection processes emphasized the importance of this material, asserting its exponential growth in recent years, as well as its usefulness in everyday life.

“Plastic is probably the most present material in our lives, with a global average consumption of 320 million tons and an average annual increase of 5%, we have it in household items, packaging, industry, among other things. automotive industry, construction, footwear, among others, medical”, he said.

He predicted that the University’s Innovation Center “will have a bright future, both for students studying and for industry to benefit from the multiple advantages offered by the center,” from computer-aided design to employing the latest technology in software and product-use testing .

The latest technology

The new Plastic Injection Molding Laboratory, which was built in just four months, has cutting-edge technology for proper plastic molding. The main horizontal injection molding machine has the capacity to pull out a piece of plastic every 28 seconds as it has a capacity of 1200 kilonewtons.

This injection molding machine requires a consumption of approximately 25 kilowatts, explained engineer Miguel Ángel Hernández, but the new Innovation Center has a hybrid machine, whose main characteristic is that it does not consume electricity until the molding process is carried out.

The innovation center also consists of a laboratory for conventional machines, an automotive workshop, 3D printers and software usage.

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