Ceremonially opened pilot facility for meat products

Recently, the official inauguration of the Pilot Factory for meat products was held, whose facilities are located within the National University of Lanús.

The equipment of the Pilot Plant, which was loaned by the Danish company Chr.Hansen, will be used to train students of the university’s bachelor’s degree in food science and technology. In this way, it will be possible to generate more information, knowledge and technological contributions for the benefit of the industry.

For the students of this degree, for their research teachers and for the local community, the opening of the Pilot Meat Products Factory will enable, from an academic point of view:

• Develop effective pre-professional practices, since the problems of the production process will be experienced on a small scale, according to a plan designed to imitate the production process and its accompanying problems, and make a scope of practices for related entities that bring them closer to the productive reality.

From the point of view of research and technological connectivity:

• Engage in the design and development of innovative products, as well as optimize processes to improve food quality, safety and commercial efficiency of the meat industry.

From the point of view of connection with the local community:

• Establish links of communication and trust by holding courses aimed at all actors in the meat industry, its commercial channels and consumers. In this direction, special emphasis will be placed on creating alternatives for the professionalization of crafts through joint work with other social actors such as chambers, unions and associations.

The official ceremony was held in the Rectorate of the University with the participation of government representatives led by Lic. Nelson Franceschini Falavina, regional vice president of Chr. Hansen for Latin America; Vice-Chancellor of the National University of Lanús, Dr. Nerio Neirotti, Eng. Carlos Alberto Alcaraz, Regional Manager of the Meat Crops Department of the company Chr. Hansen for Latin America, and Dr. Pablo Narvaja, Director of the Department of Product Development and University of Technology UNLa.

For Nelson Franceschini Falavina, the opening of this pilot plant for meat products “will undoubtedly represent a very solid pillar for the comprehensive training of all students of this very important institution. Chr. Hansen maintains a close relationship with academia; Every year we are involved in more than 300 scientific projects with universities, scientific institutions and doctoral students. We are represented in more than 30 international scientific associations and advisory boards, and we are cited as references in many scientific articles, by examiners in master’s commissions and as speakers at scientific conferences.

“We are aware of the importance of practical training in educational processes and the importance of being able to have the necessary elements and materials for this training, as is the case with this new pilot plant, which will serve as an excellent platform for research and development, innovation and which will be available from today students, serving as a fundamental tool to connect with the practical processes of the bachelor’s degree in food science and technology,” concluded Nelson Falavina.

At the end, a traditional ribbon cutting was held in front of the institution’s academic and administrative staff, students and employees of Chr.Hansen, who toured the new facilities and demonstrated the operation of the equipment, and tasted meat products and processed cheeses with Chr.Hansen’s cultures and enzymes.

Source: Chr. Hansen

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