Cervecera is expanding its photovoltaic installations

Brewery company Damm is increasing its own energy consumption capacity with expansion of photovoltaic installations a few of his plants.

  • With this, the company reaches 32,182 m2 of installed photovoltaic panels, consolidating itself as the brewery group on the Iberian Peninsula with the largest scope of its own solar energy production.

The expansion of photovoltaic installations in several of its centers allows the company to independently produce 7.1 GWh of clean energy per year.

Furthermore, the company has a goal expand your photovoltaic park with the launch of the second phase of the plan to expand photovoltaic installations in several of its centers.

The new project, in which EUR 3.6 million has been invested, envisages the installation of 23,500 m2 during the next year. solar panels in the El Prat de Llobregat factory

  • Moravia
  • Murcia
  • Malaga
  • Will Barcelona

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Bet on efficient and renewable energy

Sustainability It has been one of the fundamental axes of the brewery’s activities since its inception.

With the aim of reducing the consumption of natural resources in its factories and increasing energy efficiency, The company is committed to using other renewable energy sources in its production processes.

A set of measures promoted in recent years with the aim of becoming a company energy efficient. Well, it has allowed him to reduce the energy used to produce each hectoliter of beer by 45% over the last decade.

In April 2022, the brewery became the first brewing company in Spain to receive the RE100 certificate.

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