Challenges faced by startups in the food industry

Startups focused on the food industry They have to face different challenges and obstacles that prevent them from growing.

Among these shortcomings, four main points can be highlighted:

  • Supply of ingredients
  • New technologies
  • Investment
  • Consumer education

Regarding the supply issue ingredients and new technologiesMexico lags significantly behind.

And when these innovations are already being consumed in the United States, They arrive in our country a few years later, or in very limited quantities, which affects the development of new products or innovations.

During webinar: “The challenge of innovation in the food industry”, Alba Rodriguezthe creator of Grichhe pointed out that this delay, according to experts, also affects the economic level, since the products or food have much higher prices than the American markets.

However, as time goes on, Mexico is becoming one of the major players in Foodtech,” he continued.

This has encouraged Mexican companies to continue developing new ingredients as well as new technologies, which represents savings and thus avoids importing products that can be developed locally.

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Investments in newly founded food industries

As part of Foodtech, The United States continues to lead as one of the main attractive investors globally.
They are followed by the United Kingdom, some countries in Europe, and China recently joined this list.

For its part, Mexico continues to grow and become an important headquarters for ventures in the food technology industry.
This strengthening causes Investors are increasingly turning to Mexican startups. This caused the gap between these countries and Mexico to continue to narrow.

Other challenges facing this sector are population growth, food safetyclimate change and its effects, lack of resources, impact of food production on the environment and food waste.

This is why investing in FoodTech is critical, as such sustainability challenges highlight the need for a radical approach to the way the world is fed, minimizing the impact on the planet from:

  • How food is procured, produced and processed
  • His transportation
  • Materials used for their packaging
  • The role of cooperation between companies

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