Chewing gum with fluoride, the new snack for oral health

Spain. – New chewing gum with fluoride the latest commitment is the confectionery company Trident and the company specialized in oral health Oral-B for the Spanish market. }

This new product, like other products of the brand, does not contain sugar. This launch is part of the strategy of Trident, the brand it belongs to Mondelēz International, por un snacking consciente.

The launch comes as a strategy for a nibbling conscioustherefore, I developed this new product for daily use at any time and in any place or as a convenient option for taking care of the health of the teeth in times of great activity or lack of time.

“Trident Oral-B will not replace regular tooth brushing, but it can become a perfect ally for additional dental care in everyday life, because the rhythm of life makes us look for simplicity and comfort,” explains Marga Florit, senior brand manager of chewing gums and candies in Spain.

The new ones Trident Oral-B without sugar They have a soft texture, a hexagonal design and a blister packaging format that allows preserving all the properties and taste of the chewing gum. In addition, they can be found in mint and peppermint flavors; in two formats: individually (10 chewing gums) and multipack of three units.

How much chewing gum do Spaniards consume?

Market of candy and chewing gum closed a transitional year following the slowdown in domestic demand experienced during 2018. A year in which Mondelez remained on top of the losers, while major MDD and rubber specialists such as Fini, Vidal, Damel and supplier Chic-kles consolidated their growth once again.

Only booming exports, which grew by 6%, offset the decline in the Iberian country and consolidated the industry as a global force, with more than 50% of its business overseas.

Commercially, issues such as a healthy trend, including all its vegetarian variants, sugar-free, fat-free and others, such as sustainability, will play a fundamental role in future development. The report includes a complete ranking by sales in Spain and by export, as well as market shares and the evolution of the volume sold by product and channel.

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