Chewing sugar-free gum helps you lose weight

Scientists are finding that it helps reduce the intake of sweets.

Scientists from the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Louisiana in the United States of America found that people who regularly chew sugar-free gum consume less sweets, and therefore have a lower calorie intake.

It was announced by Dr. Paula J. Geiselman, head of the Department of Women’s Health and Nutritional Behavior at Pennington, as part of the scientific program of the American Society for Nutrition, at the Experimental Biology Meeting held in New Orleans.

According to this statement, “other studies, conducted earlier, have already shown that the consumption of sugar-free chewing gum is directly related to a reduction in the consumption of sweets. “What sets this study apart from previous research is the analysis of the nutritional content of the foods chosen by volunteers after chewing sugar-free gum.”

The study sample included 115 volunteers, men and women aged 18 to 54, who visited the lab twice, one to assess their appetite when they were chewing gum and the other when they were not. At the beginning of the exam, they had lunch with the required nutritional value per day.

The test consisted of people chewing sugar-free gum for 15 minutes every hour after lunch. In the second visit, they did not consume chewing gum after lunch.

Three hours after the last meal, the researchers offered a variety of foods, including sweets high in sugar and complex carbohydrates (found in foods like bread and dough, among others), and high- and low-fat foods. . Volunteers could eat as much food as they wanted.

After that, the volunteers filled out questionnaires that assessed their self-perception in relation to the feeling of hunger, the desire to consume sweets and the level of physical energy.

The results showed that those who consumed the sugar-free gum reported a reduction in hunger and cravings for sweets, while their energy levels remained the same throughout the afternoon.

Likewise, it turned out that the participants stopped consuming about 40 calories from sweets in general, and 60 calories from sweet foods.

“Overall, the research shows the potential of sugar-free gum as a tool for appetite control, reduction of snacking between meals, and weight management,” Geiselman said.

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