Children’s products make up 4% of sales

Foods made for children represent 4% of total industry sales worth $23 billion, according to the Packaged Facts study. According to the report titled: “US Children’s Food and Beverage Market, 7th Edition,” children under the age of 9 are a demographic of interest, as eating habits are formed at that age.

Research leader David Sprinkle noted that children today are market-savvy and nutritionally aware. They consume food and drink that their parents buy for them, and a good market expert will try to get them to develop early. consumers long term.

Just as they want to reach children, marketers must also strive to reach another important player in children’s nutrition: millennial parents.

Millennials are the first to adopt new technologies and social media, which presents a significant challenge for companies. Technology affects almost everything millennial parents buy for themselves and their families, from online shopping to their Facebook page to Instagram photos. This means that it is crucial for the children’s food and beverage industry to have a presence on these social media to have a better chance of reaching this segment.

However, presence in the media is not enough, it is essential to create a connection with consumers that enables the establishment of loyalty. To increase its relevance, companies should consider keeping the communication short and easy to understand. Offer advice on savings and products which are useful for the family and strive for a unique product, both in their branding and positioning.

Parents are increasingly looking for products that make them feel good about feeding their family. Therefore, it is not enough for businesses to serve food and drink, food must taste good, consider a healthy food formulation plan and new formulations to bring together the attributes of changes on what is appropriate to prevent obesity in children and feed them.

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