Chile opposes the import of Argentine chicken

The southern segment makes up more than 75% of the market.

Last week, the import of Argentine chicken to Chile reached 2,215 tons, a figure that occupied more than 75% of the market. Given this situation, Chilean chicken producers are studying the possibility of seeking protection measures from the government.

Poultry producers claimed that they face unfair competition against the Argentine product, as producers from the country of the gauchos receive grain for feeding the birds at prices lower than international standards, adding that corn represents 60% of the cost of producing one kilogram of chicken meat.

The situation was raised before the Commission for Distortions, which had previously been asked for a 20% safeguard measure on the import of Argentine meat, but then did not act.

Chile has the highest consumption of chicken in the world with 420 tons per year and an intake of 30 kilograms per inhabitant.

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