Chili is committed to improving children’s nutrition

They make a donation to Casi Hogar thanks to the voluntary participation of customers and more than 60 stores.

Chili’s Grill & Bar and the Alsea Foundation. They made a donation of almost 400 thousand pesos to Comedor Santa María, an association in charge of helping children between 4 months and 16 years old in situations of extreme poverty. With this act, Chili’s and Fundación Alsea strengthen their commitment to improving the living conditions and nutrition of children and youth living in the most needy communities in the Federal District and its metropolitan area.

When handing over the check, Mrs. Alicia Mier y Terán, founder of Comedor Santa María, and Chili’s director of operations, Oscar Preciado, pointed out that the donation was made possible thanks to the voluntary participation of customers and more than 60 Chili’s that for almost two months, from November 20 to January 12, agreed to close their consumer accounts to zero in favor of this noble cause.

“This donation was made possible thanks to the participation of Chili’s customers and associates, whom I want to thank for their precious generosity,” said Preciado.

Oscar Preciado added that with the delivery of this check, “Chili’s is contributing to the important work carried out by Santa María Comedor, supporting the nutrition of almost 2,000 children who now offer a nutritious meal every day.”

For her part, the founder of Santa María Comedor, Mrs. Alicia Mier y Terán, thanked Chili’s and the Alsea Foundation for their cooperation in solving the malnutrition problem that affects thousands of minors in Mexico and emphasized the importance of joining efforts and working as a team for Mexican children, who are the future of our country.

Alicia Mier y Terán explained that Santa María Comedor has 8 facilities in the Valley of Mexico where it supports almost 2,000 children with one meal a day that provides them with 70% of the RDI (recommended daily intake). 65% of the benefited children come from families where only the mother is the breadwinner of the family, and their income is between 350 and 550 dollars per week to support an average of 7 members per family.

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