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Eden Green Technology launches Crisply, a line of select fresh, locally grown produce.

NOW.- Eden Green Technology is considered the first vertical farm of the future that can be adapted to the specific needs of agricultural products of existing regional food distribution systems. Eden Green Technology will be the first company to offer, at scale, select fresh agricultural produce grown locally on next-generation vertical farms.

“We pick our produce, pack it the same day and mark the harvest date on the package so consumers know exactly how fresh their salads are. We also help our retail partners put our produce on their shelves right after harvest, and in some cases, the same day. Nor no other company does that,” Jaco Booyens, co-president of Eden Green Technology.

Crisply products from Eden Green Technology are grown in greenhouses with patented systems like vines. The company’s technology encloses each plant in a medialess (soilless) bubble microclimate that is monitored and optimized for growth and contamination mitigation. Engineers Jacques and Eugene van Buuren, who initially built their first greenhouse in South Africa, are the creators of the new technology.

Eden Green Technology expects 10 to 15 harvests a year, instead of the average of two harvests for conventional soil-grown farms. The company’s technology allows plants to be fed a continuous flow of nutrient-filled water and sunlight, instead of LED lights; This allows the company to save energy and optimize the growth of products and their nutrients. The greenhouse also captures the carbon dioxide that the plants absorb as fuel. Because Eden Green Technology buildings use sunlight, less electricity is used, so their energy consumption is only one eighth of what it costs to air-condition a regular greenhouse.

“Eden Green Technology not only unlocks the key to food, but also to scale,” says Jack Dweck, co-president and founder of Earthbound, which researches agricultural technologies and fresh food. “Their ability to adapt incredibly well to whatever scale is required makes them economically viable, and that’s key against the competition.”

The first line of Crisply products includes several types of lettuce, greens and herbs. Crisply will also offer stevia leaves in an industry-first sweet salad. The produce is planted, harvested and packed in one place and maintained in a continuous cold chain until it reaches the retailer, thus reducing the possibility of contamination.

“Eden Green Technology aims to put premium produce on grocery store shelves at affordable prices, as well as regularly donate fresh produce to food banks for distribution in areas long considered food deserts,” comments Trey Thomas, CEO of Eden. . Green technology.

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