CID Pharma Packaging celebrates 30 years

The company differs from its competitors in its unique approach to the pharmaceutical market.

CID Pharma Packagingfounded in 1984 as Grafica Cid, celebrates 30 years of supply pharmaceutical sector and reaffirms its commitment to quality and service to provide a variety of solutions for medical laboratories.

The family company began a process of change in the last three years, when it changed its strategic vision, focusing exclusively on the production of drug kits and instructions for the pharmaceutical industry.

In line with this new direction towards secondary packaging, the company was renamed CID Pharma Packaging, keeping its corporate name and complementing it with a modern and innovative image.

Some of the laboratories that follow CID Pharma PACKAGING are: Laboratorios Bernabo, Baliarda, Trb Pharma, Astra Zeneca, Bio Sidus, Gador, Laboratorios Poen and Laboratorio Elea.

This process of change culminated in the opening of a new 2,000 m2 production facility in the city of Buenos Aires, which was specifically designed to meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

CID Pharma Packaging differs from the competition with a unique approach to the pharmaceutical market, which has adapted to the most demanding quality standards.

Compliance with these standards enabled the company to complete the last fiscal year 04/2014. concluded with a 45% increase in sales compared to the previous fiscal year.

“Although the company is turning 30 years old, today we can say that we are a new company. The name change from Gráfica Cid to Cid Pharma Packaging was not accidental, but related to a profound change in the company’s vision and mission,” said Hernán Cid, the company’s general manager.

Currently, CID Pharma Packaging works only for the pharmaceutical market and to do this it had to specialize in the sector, implementing strict quality standards and moving to a specialized facility to meet the needs of the industry. “This is how we can say today that Gráfica CID has developed and after 30 years we are CID Pharma Packaging,” noted Hernán Cid.

“Clear specialization in the pharmaceutical industry; understand the importance of our products and their implications in the value chain of the healthcare sector; and the professionalism of our associates made a strategic change that is reflected in the excellent results and growth rates of CID Pharma Packaging”, concluded the company’s general manager.

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