Cinco Hispanos is now a food company

With 53 years of experience, the company reported that it has renewed its image and its commitment to the food industry, and Cinco Hispanos presented its new image and predicted its growth plans as a food company. Under this new corporate umbrella, Cinco Hispanos will strive to strengthen its expansion with a constant focus on the segments in which it has been the protagonist for decades: coffee and snacks.

“Argentina will play a fundamental role in food production in the coming decades, and Cinco Hispanos, as a food company, will be part of that challenge. We must produce for Argentines and for the world high-quality food that satisfies demanding consumers and contributes to the economic and social development of our country,” explained Cándido López, president of Cinco Hispanos.

The new logos save the company’s tradition, update the corporate and product image, and enable the projection of new developments. The set consists of a new logo for the traditional Cinco Hispanos Café, a revamp for the Krachitos snack brand and a new corporate identity formed by Cinco Hispanos, a food company.

Cinco Hispanos was born in 1962 as a family business of Cándido López Fajardo and his wife Adele Sobrino. Five decades later, the company is a key player in Argentina’s coffee market and has steadily grown in snacking to become the country’s second largest producer and the largest by national capital.

The Krachitos line of snacks is growing in volume and share every year, with new product lines and an aggressive commercial policy set to grow in 2016, according to the company. With a renewed image, Krachitos has positioned itself as a major Argentine brand in the competitive snack market.

In terms of coffee, Cinco Hispanos continues to grow in the place where the group was born, the gastronomic market. Restaurants, bars and cafes throughout the country offer the unique quality of Cinco Hispanos coffee in different varieties and in many cases through new high-end coffee equipment that is also the responsibility of the company. In the oil channel, which has the largest expansion in the last decade, Cinco Hispanos is a partner of YPF, the largest network in the country, through a contract that includes the provision of coffee and technological support.

In recent years, Cinco Hispanos has made major investments in new snack lines, with American equipment allowing it to double production of potatoes and other products at its San Justo plant, west of greater Buenos Aires. The company manufactures for its own brands and also for third parties, thereby increasing its industrial presence.

“We are very excited about this new phase: we have experience, projects for continued growth and, above all, a great, professional and dedicated work team, which pushes us to be protagonists. All studies confirm this feed This will be the key to Argentina’s development and we will continue to work in this direction with more and better production and marketing alternatives,” said Cándido López, head of food company Cinco Hispanos.

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