Clean Label acerola powder

The acerola (Malpighia gabra) is a small fleshy fruit that grows from a bush native to Central America. Acerola is a fruit very rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants such as carotenoids, tannins and phenols.

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin, which means that if more than necessary is ingested daily, it will be excreted in the urine, and does not cause toxicity due to accumulation.

This is why large amounts of acerola or vitamin C no problem with one. Furthermore, the absorption of vitamin C that comes from food is always much higher than the absorption of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) that comes from chemical synthesis.

Diana foodPart Symrise Grouprecently announced the launch of a clean label, organic and “Fair for Life” (FFL) fair trade certificate, obtained on August 4, 2020 for food products on the market first.

Acerola and its application

According to Mintel, in the last five years the launch of products containing acerola has increased by about 40%. Studies show that vitamin C is necessary for the maintenance of countless physiological functions, and that it participates in cellular and biochemical processes. In addition to being a highly effective antioxidant, the activities attributed to the nutrient are based on its benefits for the immune system.

As a result of the potential biological effects attributed to the high content of vitamin C and the presence of phenolic compounds in the fruit, the ingredients of acerola are increasingly used in the composition of drinks, food supplements, cereal bars and for the enrichment of juices and nectars. Other important applications include meat products, such as antioxidantand in baking, to strengthen the gluten chain.

Diana Food has spent the last two decades building and improving its expertise in sourcing acerola from northeastern Brazil. This established a strong presence in the region, known for the quality and effectiveness of acerola due to its rich content of natural vitamin C.

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Consumer trends

While consumer demand for natural and healthy products has been a consistent trend, it has further accelerated due to the increased emphasis on wellness and clean living caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to consumer research Innova Market Insights carried out at the end of March, a particularly strong increase in the consumption of products to strengthen immunity was recorded in Asia and South America.

More than 70% of Indian and Indonesian consumers eat or drink more products that boost their immune system compared to nearly 40% of American consumers. Meanwhile, German and Dutch consumers saw the smallest shift towards health.

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