Coca-Cola aims to recycle 100% of its packaging by 2030

Coca-Cola presented its World Without Waste campaign, which commits to collecting i to recycle the equivalent of 100% of the packaging it sells in 2030. It also intends to continue investing in innovation so that all its packaging can be recycled or reused.

James Quincey, president and CEO of the Atlanta-based company, explained that consumers around the world care about the planet: “They want and expect companies like ours to be leaders and help make a world without trash possible.”.

Through the campaign’s vision, the multinational company will invest in the preservation of the planet and the packaging of its products to help make the problem of packaging a thing of the past.

As part of the project, Coca-Cola will use all of its global marketing potential to help educate the public about what, how and where to recycle. The company will continue to work as a team with local communities, NGOs, industry peers and consumers.

“Improving local recycling systems and generating policy change that supports a truly circular economy,” the company said in a statement.

100% collection and recycling will focus mainly on glass, PET plastic or aluminum bottles, cans and lids, which account for approximately 85% of packaging, but also include packaging from other companies.

The multinational has also set a goal of producing plastic bottles that contain an average of 50% recycled material by 2030.

Source: Coca-Cola.

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