Coca-Cola and Jack Daniel’s will launch Jack & Coke, an RTD cocktail

Mexico.- The Coca-Cola Company has announced a collaboration with the iconic whiskey brand Jack Daniel’s, for the launch cocktail ‘Jack & Coca-Cola’. A mixed ready-to-drink cocktail inspired by those made at the bar.

The new cocktail will be made from Tennessee variety Jack Daniel’s and Coca-Cola, will have 5% alcohol, and a sugar-free version is also planned to be launched. It will be presented in black 350 milliliter cans with the names of the two companies clearly visible and a label indicating the ban on underage drinking.

In a statement, the company announces that it will continue to develop its portfolio as a complete beverage company, which includes new products under the Coca Cola brand. For now, the combination will be launched first in Mexico, at the end of 2022, and will then expand to markets around the world starting next year.

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The alliance between Coca-Cola and Jack Daniel’s allows us to accelerate expansion and continue to grow our business worldwide.

Cocktail: a combination of taste and innovation

After the pandemic, cocktail trends are different. The way it should be done mixology and bringing new experiences to customers has changed, so the cocktail industry will have to adapt.

In the United States, you can see the return of the simplicity of classic cocktails, as well as hot cocktails with coffee and chocolate. This year, everything points to the fact that warm cocktails are more important than ever.

The cocktails come together in favor of sustainability, showing that it has become a trend that is increasingly covering more industries. And raising awareness among consumers and producers themselves.

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