Coca-Cola is expanding the PetStar recycling plant in Toluca

The company intends to double its recycling capacity to process 60 thousand tons of PET per year, which is equal to two billion bottles. Firm in its commitment to the development of more environmentally friendly packaging and with an investment of 34 million dollars, Coca-Cola announced last Friday, June 8, the laying of the first stone for the expansion of the PetStar recycling plant in Toluca, Mexico.

According to Miguel Ángel Rabago Vite, CEO of PetStar, the expansion seeks to promote innovation as a sustainable development and meet the goal of including the highest amount of recycled material in its beverage containers; With the above, the company intends to double its recycling capacity to process 60 thousand tons of PET per year, equivalent to two billion bottles, to be converted into recycled food-grade PET resin for the production of new bottles.

Regarding sustainability issues, Brian Smith, president of Coca-Cola de México, emphasized the corporate commitment to reduce the carbon footprint as much as possible in the short and medium term in the development of its packaging; PetStar, added the manager, is an integral part of the sustainable initiatives promoted by the company in terms of sustainable packaging, which, he stated, is one of the pillars of the global platform “Live positively”.

It should be noted that PetStar is a food grade PET recycling plant in which, in addition to Coca-Cola, Arca Continental, Bepensa, Yoli de Acapulco, Corporación del Fuerte, Corporación Rica, Embotelladora del Nayar and Embotelladora de Colima participate.

According to the company, the current recycling facility combines Italian AMUT technology, which turns bottle bales into washed flakes, with Swiss BUHLER technology, which takes these flakes and turns them into food-grade recycled PET resin through a purification process that guarantees the safety of the material so that it can be reused to be incorporated into the packaging.

Jaime Cámara, General Manager of PetStar, indicated that the new infrastructure will operate with the same standards of efficiency in its operational processes and the same technological model that PetStar currently works with, which was inaugurated in 2009 and where bottle-to-bottle recycling takes place. . The new recycling depot is expected to be operational in the second half of next year.

As for the savings made by reusing sustainable packaging, Cámara made it clear that it is lower and what the company wants is to care for the environment.

It was announced that this expansion will be complemented by an educational project that seeks to close the virtuous cycle of recycling, consisting of the development of an auditorium where the general public will be able to learn the right path to sustainability.

The CEO of PetStar urged people to recycle pet bottles at home and send them to collection centers without rinsing the bottles; In that facility, he said, one liter of water is consumed for every kilogram of recycled PET, which is the equivalent of 33 bottles.

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