Coca-Cola: Outstanding innovations in the packaging of its products

Coca Cola is a leading company in the food industry that has always been at the forefront of innovation.

In recent years, the company has worked intensively on improving the packaging of its products with the aim of guaranteeing the best quality and respect for the environment.

Since its foundation, it has experienced significant changes in the packaging of its products, the first containers it used were glass bottles, but over time, various innovations were introduced.

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Smart packaging and technology

In the era of digitization, the company has opted to incorporate technology into its packaging to improve the user experience, such as the use of smart labels that communicate with mobile devices.

These tags provide access to additional product information, special promotions and exclusive content, generating a more personalized and attractive experience for the consumer.

Sustainability is a fundamental aspect in the food industry, and Coca Cola is committed to using environmentally friendly materials in its packaging. It has implemented the use of recycled plastic in its bottles, which reduces the impact on the environment.

In addition, lighter packaging designs have been developed, which require fewer raw materials and generate less waste.

A bottle that shows Coca-Cola’s commitment to the environment and sustainability

Reducing the use of PET

One of the most significant innovations of Coca-Cola FEMSA is the reduction of the amount of PET in bottles, it managed to reduce the amount of PET in a 600 ml bottle by 13%, and by 22% in a 1.25 ml bottle. .Lt. and 9% in its 2 Lt bottle.

In addition, they improved the packaging of flavored beverages and water in the Philippines and Mexico, generating savings of more than $3.6 million and avoiding the use of 2,412 tons of PET.

100% vegetable bottle

Another recent innovation is the development of a 100% vegetable bottles (bPET)excluding the lid and label, the company produced one batch, confirming that the prototypes could be recycled within the existing recycling infrastructure.

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