Coca-Cola Zero now in a glass

The 8-ounce non-returnable container is unique in the country.

Coca-Cola Zero now has a new presentation in Mexico: in a non-returnable 8-ounce glass container. The new sugar-free version is intended for the public who are loyal to the company’s authentic taste and for whom calorie consumption is important, the company pointed out.

“One of the most relevant and attractive aspects of this container is that it uses the Heat Transfer Label (HTL), which has never been used before in the national market,” says Gerardo Gebara, beverage marketing manager. Northern zone of business unit Vitro Ambalaža.

The executive director added that the goal of this relaunch was to give a new image to the product respecting its essential characteristics: glass of the characteristic Georgia green color and the world-famous shape of the bottle (Contour).

Coca-Cola Zero is one of the most important launches of the company in the last 20 years, it is present in more than 70 countries and in 2008 it increased its sales by 35%.

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