Concepts of sustainable and digital packaging

Controversies related to plastics do not leave the sector indifferent: what consumers expect are solutions packaging that protect the environment, be it recyclable monofilaments, paper packaging or other reusable solutions.

The sweets and snacks market is changing. One of the topics on which the greatest attention of packaging manufacturers will be directed in ProSweets Cologne 2021 is the need for sustainable packaging concepts and (mono)materials that can be fully recycled.

We must add to this: sustainability has a positive effect on the perception of brand image at the point of sale. According to a study conducted by the Institute for Marketing Research Ipsos In 2019, three quarters of surveyed consumers worldwide preferred companies that care about the sustainability of their products.

In Germany, with 76%, this value is at a similar level. On the other hand, there is an increasing need to avoid contaminating packaging, which is unnecessary from the consumer’s point of view. More than three out of four consumers here in Germany say they want to buy products where the minimum possible packaging material has been used.

Paper packaging, known for its potential

At the exhibition center in Cologne, the exhibitors will place great importance in their program of activities on learning how to increase the percentage of recycling and how waste can be reduced. packaging.

Strategies to use less plastic, more renewable raw materials, less weight and full recyclability become of prime importance. An old acquaintance, paper, appears in the focus of attention. Its application possibilities in confectionery packaging are by no means exhausted.

The goal is to replace a large part of plastic packaging with a paper alternative. All that, however, is not enough; New containers must also use well-known convenience product mechanisms to facilitate opening and closing or for use while walking.

In most cases, however, a thin layer of plastic cannot be completely omitted if you want to preserve the aroma and freshness of desserts and snacks.

In these cases, single-material panels that can be completely recycled are of particular importance. If packaging manufacturers combine materials so that the film can be easily removed from the paper without affecting the fibers, a high level of reusability can be achieved.

However, it’s not just manufacturers flexible packaging those who set the goal of using paper to achieve solutions that replace plastic. Machine manufacturers are also working on projects to shape and seal paper containers without losing their properties.

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Towards digitization

The evolution towards achieving ecological packaging in all fields will definitely change the vision of what premium products are. Digital brand management also faces special challenges.

Digitization promises innovative possibilities through new printing and packaging processes, also in relation to individualization or personalization. With the right use, digital applications make it possible to turn a purchase into a special event and are also responsible for achieving a positive image transfer.

The special exhibition Packaging is a space where experts from German Agricultural Society (DLG)will offer answers to questions related to the concepts of sustainable packaging that currently exist for sweets and snacks and how to achieve the best protective function of packaging in the most sustainable way possible in accordance with consumer expectations.

Packaging is at the heart of many sustainability strategies in the confectionery industry, which is clearly reflected at the exhibition center in Cologne where a large number of innovative solutions are presented.

However, the last word on the materials has not yet been said. Traditional packaging materials such as paper will conquer more and more areas of application that have been reserved for plastic until now. In addition to all that, digitization is increasingly important and offers new opportunities for advertising, communication and loyalty.

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