Consumer commitment to sustainable development goals

In it Webinar: Knowledge of consumers to achieve the goals of sustainable development, which dictates Mariela Mociulsky, CEO of Trendsity, points out: “We already know that it is HIM has set a course for humanity with 17 Goals of sustainable development. As it relates to poverty reduction, zero hunger, better health and well-being, quality education, seeking greater gender equality, to name a few.”

The good news is that more and more brands are looking for a way to collaborate with these sustainable development goals. Well, ESOMAR allows us to collect data from companies for insights. And here the big key is interpretation, finding meaning in all that pile of research,” adds the expert.

ESOMAR It is an institution with 70 years of existence, which this year began to support the achievement of the goals of sustainable development. And he works with one of them at every event. For example, last May 2nd was World Market Research Day, we worked on presenting studies that were conducted in collaboration with the issue of sustainability.

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Consumer concerns about sustainability and meeting sustainable development goals

Mociulsky pointed out that there are studies that indicate consumer concerns about meeting sustainable development goals and sustainability issues. For example, 4% recognized the impact of their actions on nature, and 64% are more concerned about social inequality than the pandemic.

Depending on the degree of commitment to sustainability, they are classified into five groups:

  • Ambassadors: they are spokespersons, those who are committed to change
  • Natives: who are informed responsible
  • Followers: who take action, but at their own pace
  • Good neighbors: they try not to litter on public roads, they try not to cause damage, but they are not activists
  • The distant ones: who prefer others to come on board
There are studies that indicate consumer concerns about compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals and sustainability issues.

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What does the Sustainable Development Plan until 2030 consist of?

Climate change is a major crisis of the 21st century. A global emergency that was quickly achieved due to an unsustainable economic and production model, deeply deregulated and highly unequal across the globe.

For this reason, the concept of sustainable development has been gaining strength in recent years. However, the efforts of various governments to guarantee the sustainability of resources and reduce the impact on the environment have not been implemented with the necessary urgency. And the increase in the world’s population has contributed to the creation of a strong imbalance between well-being and economic development.

In order to respond to this important challenge, the UN has developed Sustainable development plan until 2030 which includes all the measures that different governments must adopt to guarantee a sustainable future for all, protecting the planet and ensuring the prosperity of all its inhabitants.

paragraph 12
The UN has developed the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which includes all the measures that different governments must adopt to guarantee a sustainable future.

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