Consumers care about being healthier

33% of Latin Americans consider themselves to be at the right weight, while 40% admit to feeling a little overweight.

Year after year, “losing weight” tops the list of goals to be achieved during the new year that begins. Gymnastics and a healthier diet are also close to this goal. It may just be a human need to look and feel good, but whatever the reason, according to a global study conducted by the Nielsen company in 52 countries, 60% of the world’s population does not consider this time to be ideal. weight (50% suffer from overweight problems, and the remaining 10% are underweight).

North Americans recognize that they are the region with the highest percentage of the population with an overweight problem; 7% of consumers say they suffer from this problem. While, on the contrary, the Asia-Pacific region reached the highest percentage of respondents who are considered “underweight”, reaching 15%.

In the case of Latin America, 33% of respondents consider themselves to be at an appropriate weight, while 40% admit to feeling slightly overweight and 17% say they are overweight or overweight.

Latin America is the main region where respondents admitted to trying to “lose weight”, reaching 59% of consumers.

When respondents were asked what they would change in their diet in order to lose weight, Latin America was the main region that showed high percentages in actions such as “stop eating sugar” and “stop eating high-fat foods” with 72% and 74%.

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