Copper clay, ancestral distillate

This is a new mezcal that includes the good characteristics of the clay and copper distilled part.Mexico.- Mezcal, a typical Mexican drink, is currently experiencing a boom in consumption, and there are several new brands of this drink seeking their place in the market. One of them is Barro de Cobre, the first mezcal which proposes to assemble the distillation process, both in clay and copper vessels.

In its beginnings, mezcal was distilled the old-fashioned way in clay pots, with the disadvantage that it was fragile and that only 30 liters could be distilled for each process. Then comes the distillation in copper vessels, small containers made of this metal of approximately 500 to 600 liters, which speeds up the distillation process and produces larger quantities of this drink.

The price of a bottle of 100% clay pot distilled mezcal is between 1,200 and 2,500 pesos per bottle, depending on the rarer variety of agave, while a copper pot distilled bottle could cost 200 pesos.

That’s why Barro de Cobre mixes both processes, collecting the good characteristics of the clay-distilled part, just as it was done by the ancestors and by hand, and then transferring them to the copper-distilled part, giving mezcal refinement unrivaled, at a fair and affordable price.

The Barro de Cobre blend, produced in Río Ejutla, Oaxaca, is presented in two varieties: Espadín and Ensamble Espadín-Tobalá, in 475 ml and 950 ml bottles.

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