Cremíssimo Netherlands… Celebrate more!

It launches its second phase of the campaign and repositions ice cream as a food.

Helados Holland has introduced a reformulation of its entire take-home line – Holland Cremíssimo – which offers a creamier texture with more calcium-added milk. The launch that is implicit in the campaign 360º Celebrate more!

The reformulation was made for eight basic flavors (strawberry, chocolate, vanilla and Neapolitan) and special flavors (walnut and almond, coconut, cappuccino and chocolate chips); while to celebrate this milestone, the company has integrated a special coconut flavor with chocolate. Which are available from this month in different presentations of 473 mL (Micha), Liter, 1.89 L (half gallon) and 3.6 L (gallon).

The launch of Holland Cremíssima will be supported by a 360º campaign with outdoor, TV, magazine, radio, internet, activation and PR presence.

Market figures

Holland Cremíssimo is the second phase after the launch of a formula that offered more milk with the addition of calcium carried out in 2008, which resulted in breadth in terms of market leadership in self-service stores, reported Ernesto Viramontes, head of ice cream marketing. Emphasis on food.

According to consumer market data released by the executive, the ice cream category in Mexico has long been seen as a candy or snack, with an average intake of 1.5 liters per capita per year, a number that places the country below Brazil and Chile, which consume three that is, seven liters, while in the United States this figure is 22 liters per year per inhabitant.

He noted that Mexico is a “virgin market in terms of the category. For five years a niche has been developing, which is ice cream to take home, however what prevails is impulsive ice cream, whatever is already packaged for consumption at the moment is what leads the market, the growth is nine times to one. Favorite flavors in the country are the same as in the world: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and their combination, which is Neapolitan.”

For this product, he explained, they invested in a technology patented worldwide by Unilever, in which the company uses the most innovations in its production plan to add much more creaminess to its ice cream and make the formulations much more indulgent and satisfying organoleptic perception.

Ice cream as food, not candy

The head of marketing pointed out that the company is trying to change the perception of intake as a snack or candy and reminded that food has three dimensions: nutritional, social and indulgent. “Ice cream fulfills three extensions, it is something we want to capitalize on, first because it has calcium and milk, and in the social part it is part of the table, free time and enjoyment, and in the relaxing part, almost no one hesitates to eat it”.

Ernesto Viramontes stated that the main obstacle ice cream has is people’s perception. And he concluded by commenting that due to the ingredients from which it is made, it provides some nutrients such as milk proteins, carbohydrates from fruits and sugar and lipids from vegetable oils, walnuts and almonds, etc.

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