Crisp the World very universal

This is a new line of world-flavored chips that includes Paris-style, Rio de Janeiro-style and Tokyo-style flavors.Spain.- In his desire to offer innovative products, Vicente Vidal launched his new line of potatoes with global flavors, ‘Crisp the World’, which comes to the market with three references: Paris Style, papas fried mushroom cream; Rio de Janeiro style, fries with black pepper and a touch of lime; and Tokyo Style, fries with Teriyaki sauce.

Intended mainly for a young audience and already available in large stores (in 120 gram format), “Crisp the World is the result of a research process in which we sought to develop tastes original and typical for certain countries. The result is this line that we hope will be interesting to consumers not only for the uniqueness of its aromas, but also for its spectacular design,” said Santiago Sala, general manager of Aperitivos y Extrusionados, a company that brings together the brands Vicente, appetizers Vidal, Aspil and Gus.

Charlotte Bouvier, Romerinho dos Santos and Bushi Kato are the main protagonists of the film “Crisp the World”. They, depicted in a caricature manner on bags of striking colors (supposedly blue, green and red), tell through their personal story how they found the taste of their country. “It’s a fresh, striking product that suits this time of year very well, especially now that the World Cup is on. We currently have flavors from three countries present in Brazil, and we hope to continue creating the characteristics of some more in the future. “We are very happy because in these first days the reception of the product is very good.”

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