Criteria for creating labels

In order to clarify the ordering and specification process between the user and the supply chain, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) published in August 2016 a technical specification on Self-adhesive labelsaccording to ISO DTS-18614.

In the preparation, ISO was helped by the industry itself, in the form of cooperation between the associations of producers of self-adhesive labels in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, VskE and FINAT and the international federation of label producers.

Suggested by end users

The initiative to create this technical specification came from the request of two brands that use self-adhesive labels, Ericsson and IKEA, through the Swedish Institute for Standardization (SIS). The proposal was accepted by the majority of European members and the ISO working group was established.

Contribution of sectoral associations

Together with VskE, FINAT participated in the working group of the German Institute for Standardization (DIN), in which Klemens, Ulli Nägele (Herma) and Kurt Walker, former president of FINAT, collaborated.

List of free criteria

The list of criteria for ordering self-adhesive labels – defined by a specialized working group consisting of users and suppliers, compiled by VskE and FINAT – is an important part of the official technical specification. Therefore, Appendices A and C (on the label material) of ISO DTS-18616 are in the public domain and can be downloaded for free via the link:

Precise and appropriate specification

“The resulting document is a precise and appropriate specification that combines the needs of the brands according to the application and the knowledge of the self-adhesive label industry. Meets professional criteria in all aspects of the process, from raw materials to safety, handling, label application, packaging performance and efficiency; not forgetting customer satisfaction.”


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