Dairy products stand out among the most purchased brands

Through its Brand Footprint study, Kantar Worldpanel discovered the brands that consumers in the world buy the most, based on information about actual consumer behavior. Its metric, Consumer Reach Points (CRP), forms the basis of the ranking, which measures how many households around the world buy a brand (penetration) and how often they do so (frequency). The study gives the top 10 brands that Mexican households bought more than once (frequency): Although Coca Cola is in first place with 71.2 shopping trips, half of the brands in this top belong to the dairy basket: 19 Hermanos (33.1), Lala (31 ,8), Nutri Leche (29.0), Sello Rojo (27.8) and Alpura (21.5).

In fourth place is Bimbo, which is gaining popularity because it was bought 30.9 times. In the seventh and tenth place are two brands of soft drinks, Pepsi (22.5) and Red Cola (18.6), and the penultimate place is occupied by the pasta brand La Moderna with a frequency of purchase of 20 times a year.

“This ranking gives us a clear view of the brands that households buy the most and we found that, within the top 10, dairy products continue to set the trend,” commented Juan Carlos Jouve, Director of Customer Services at Kantar. World plate.

Kantar Worldpanel’s annual Top 50 FMCG Brands reveals which brands are achieving global success, providing insights that help FMCG brands more accurately set global goals and improve global business growth.

It differs from other brand rankings by providing information about actual consumer behavior rather than attitude. Consumer Reach Points (CRP) form the basis of the rankings. An innovative metric that measures how many households around the world buy a brand (penetration) and how often (frequency), provides a true representation of customer choice.

To access global, regional, country and sector rankings and a full index of brands included in the Global Top 50, visit www.kantarworldpanel.com/brandfootprint

This year’s ranking analyzed more than 18,000 brands and one billion homes in 43 countries on five continents, in the 12 months to November 2017.

Source: Kantar Worldpanel Mexico

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