Danone celebrates 25 years of helping children with cancer

Danone is a company with more than 40 years in the Mexican market, which is not worried only in creating products with high quality standards, also in contributing to social goals, the work for which they did it 25 years with Casa de la Amistad, for the benefit of the children of Cancer.

With a motto “With Danone you want to eat well and bring back more smiles”company he donated more than 200 MDPthis institution accomplish with almost 3 thousand treatments for children who needed it, where a thousand of them returned smile.

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Every brand product helps

At the press conference that was lived last days to celebrate the meeting, Luis Garcia, VP Commercial, Danone groupreminded that by purchasing any Danone product, they contribute to one of 5 thousand children diagnosed with cancer in Mexico I can get my treatment on time.

With that, the director pointed out how it is vision corporate is inspired by a dual purpose, in which business and social goals go hand in hand, helping to promote the well-being of Mexico’s children.

Children who have the disease benefit from:

  • Free access to clinical studies
  • Specialized medical care and medicines
  • Hostel if necessary
  • Transportation and food
  • Emotional support therapy
  • Art and music workshops
  • Educational support so that they do not leave their studies.

In the House of the Amistad can count on comprehensive help that enables them to fight cancer and have a better quality of life and a better future. insured Lorenzo Mariscal Servicingpresident of the trustee board of Casa de la Amistad for children with cancer IAP

By purchasing any Danone product, you are supporting children with cancer from Casa de la Amistad. Photo: Danone.

The cancer situation in Mexico

According to data from Casa de la Amistad, about 5 thousand new cases of cancer are registered every year. children’s in Mexico, of which 70% of cases are not diagnosed in timewhich places childhood cancer as the leading cause of death in children between the ages of 5 and 14.

In addition to buying Danone products, Consumers can help the foundationn doing work volunteeringdonations monetary or in kind, by purchasing products that people from the foundation create and that can be found on their website, Luis García and Lorenza Mariscal, reiterate that all help adds up to see more he smiles children’s.

The Friendship House helps with the well-being of children suffering from cancer. Photo: The Food Tech.

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