Danone is redesigning the Danacol bottle to ensure it can be recycled

Spain.- With the goal of 100% packaging by 2025 Danone whether it can be recycled, reused or composted, the company redesigns the legendary bottle of the Danacol brand. Following design for recycling principles which aim to ensure that it can be easily recycled.

For that, removed his PET plastic sticker replacing it with a relief engraving on the same bottle. This improves recyclability while reducing 0.72 grams of plastic per unit. This represents, from the launch in November 2021, an annual saving of 130 thousand kilograms of plastic.

For this reason, the technology center AINIA recognized the company in MeetingPack 2022 with a prize “Rigid packaging solutions.” Which is awarded for the development of protective packaging and sustainability solutions in the food industry.

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The company works to ensure that all the bottles we put on the market do not become waste and can have a second life.

100% innovative bottle

The new bottle is the joint work of the research and development team Danone Iberia and Graham Packaging, a manufacturer of plastic packaging. He design process, which started in April 2020, lasted 19 months, and in order to achieve this, the company adapted two production lines from its factory in Aldaya, Valencia, from which it will also distribute to other countries.

There is still much to do, but the move towards a more sustainable future is possible thanks to the valuable collaboration of our network of suppliers and technology centers. “We work to ensure that all the packaging we put on the market does not become waste and that it can have a second life,” he explains. Carla León, packaging engineer for research and innovation at Danone.

This is not the first innovation in its bottles produced by Danone Spain: this year also saw the launch of the new 1.25 L Lanjarón bottle, which is 100% round because it is made of 100% recycled plastic and is 100% recyclable. In addition, the label is removed and its lid is integrated to ensure complete recycling.

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