Danone receives the Zero Waste seal from Saica Natur in all its production facilities

Spain. – Danone got it Saica Natur certificate “From waste to resource: from scratch to landfill” for the entire department of dairy and vegetable products. This seal guarantees that all its plants dedicated to the production of dairy products reuse, recycle or recover more than 95% of their waste generated in the process in Spain.

With the help of Saica Natur, Danone manages more than 13 thousand tons of waste in all its dairies in Spain to give them a second life. Of this amount, for example, 9,600 tons of organic waste was reintroduced for agricultural purposes and in the form of compost or biogas.

Namely, this division reached a common average value of 99.36%. Except, more than 1,950 tons of plastic were recycled create new packaging and products while avoiding extracting new resources from an increasingly depleted planet.

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Danone’s commitment to waste reduction

Danone’s commitment to achieve and ensure No waste to landfill It has a special value in the current complex context, in which the need to achieve a fully circular economy in all areas of our society is increasingly urgent.

The fight against climate change requires concrete actions, and guaranteeing a second life for waste is a reflection of the work we are doing to lead a more sustainable food system,” he explained. Borja Lafuente, Head of Sustainability at Danone Iberia.

This context translates into facts such as “Earth Overshoot Day”, the symbolic day that represents the day of the year when the planet turns red and from which we begin to draw resources from the future, is arriving faster every year. In 2022, Spain celebrated Earth Overcapacity Day on May 12, exhausting its entire annual environmental budget.

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