Datamax-O’Neil launches NETira software

Datamax-O’Neil announces the launch of NETira ® , a new suite of software applications designed to optimize the performance of Datamax-O’Neil printers. New software applications, available for free to users, allow you to configure printers, design custom labels, or monitor and manage an entire network of printers with the push of a few buttons.

The first three applications offered under the NETira ® brand include: NETira Configuration Tool (CT – Configuration Tool); NETira Label Designer (LD – Label Designer); and NETira remote management (RM – Remote Management).

NETira CT is a tool that promotes quick and efficient printer configuration, using an intuitive navigation screen for multiple configuration commands. Users can configure one printer and apply those same settings to additional printers, ensuring accuracy and continuity.

NETira LD is a very easy to use label design software tool. Custom labels can be created with user-defined graphics and logos from an intuitive one-design page. Label designs can be saved for later memory or shared with other printers. NETira Label Designer is ideal for small and medium businesses that need basic label design.

NETira RM is a remote management tool, ideal for businesses with large footprints, that allows you to manage and monitor printers from a single console. Operators can remotely configure and update an individual printer or an entire team of printers, monitor printer status and set real-time printer alerts to ensure maximum productivity.

NETira software applications are thoroughly tested and certified by Datamax-O’Neil technicians to ensure an innovative user experience and proven performance. Software applications facilitate configuration via today’s most popular communication methods, including serial, parallel, LAN, WLAN, and USB.

“While Datamax-O’Neil has always provided software for using its printers, the new NETira software suite stands out with its easy-to-use tools to optimize printer performance,” said Cindy Guiles, Product Manager at Datamax-O’Neil. O’Neil for NETira and adds, “NETIra offers style and functionality, consistency between applications and connects our stationary printers to portables.”

Datamax-O’Neil’s most innovative printing solutions such as the I-Class Mark II, E-Class Mark III Pro and Pro+ stationary printers, as well as the RL4 mobile printer, are compatible with NETira applications.

Additionally, the Datamax-O’Neil portal offers more details on other types of printers that are also compatible with the software and, eventually, all new Datamax-O’Neil printers will be equipped with NETir.

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