Delight your taste buds with Thai Tea flavored ice cream

Mexico.- For several weeks now, Moyo has been innovating on the cold dessert market with A new seasonal flavor for your frozen yogurt: Thai tea.

Its taste is sweet and it has a delicate creamy orange color. It is made with:

  • Black Tea
  • Star anise
  • orange blossom

The consumer can combine it chocolate covered ice cream and some of the various fillings they have available, such as Milky Way® pieces, Turín® chocolate chips or grated coconut.

More classic options such as strawberry, kiwi and peanut are also available, among many others available in branches.

The flavor of this ice cream is inspired by the friendship between Mexico and Thailand that dates back to the 16th century. An example of this fraternity full of flavor and culture is this Thai tea flavored ice cream.

Which will be available until January 8, 2023 in any of three presentations: glass, cone and one liter bottle, which includes 3 toppings and 5 cones as a gift.

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Ice cream-Moyo
Thai Tea flavored ice cream will be available until January 8, 2023 in all branches in the country.

Eating ice cream

He ice cream consumption in Mexico It is below the average of other nations such as the United States or Norway. However, in spring and summer, sales of this product increase by up to 48% in homes where children and adolescents reside, according to consulting firm Kantar Worldpanel México.

According to the survey results of MercaWise Applied to 300 people, it turned out that 86% of Mexicans prefer this dessert to ice cream, and 38% consume this product once a week.

The company states that 80% of businesses in this sector are small and medium-sized businesses, so most spending takes place at local outlets.

although the variety of flavors is endlessthe most consumed flavors among Mexicans are:

  • 45% Neapolitan
  • 12% In vain
  • 10% chocolate
  • 6% strawberries
  • 5% lemon

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