DIANA FOOD will exhibit its new pieces of soft fruit

DIANA FOOD is constantly innovating to offer products with nutritional and sensory benefits guaranteed for the pleasure and health of customers, which is why it presents new soft pieces of fruit produced with the new URC® (Ultra Rapid Concentration) technology that will provide the appearance and texture of your products.

Made from real fruit, with natural and pure ingredients, DIANA FOOD has a flavor line that includes: apple, strawberry, banana and blueberry. These pieces offer a soft and elastic texture that helps them not stick to the teeth and also, thanks to the long but gentle heat processes, maintain the vivid color of the fruit.

Another of their advantages is that due to their low water activity (<0.7), they are stable in freezing and baking processes, besides being stable at room temperature, which is why they do not require refrigeration or freezing. That is why they are ideal for use in: chocolates, biscuits, muffins, cereals, cereal bars and ice cream.

To learn more about this innovation DIANA FOOD visit the stand 1328.

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