Digital labeling, a solution for the wine industry

Wine labeling regulations coming into effect next December present a challenge for wine producers. There are so many requirements and information that must be included in wine labeling that, in many cases, the traditional label falls behind and options such as digital marking.

Given this situation, the last months have been different alternative digital solutions to answer this problem that the wine industry is facing. Which, among other things, requires labeling to reflect information such as ingredients and nutritional information in the language of the country where it is sold.

According to experts, digital signage provides wine companies with the perfect opportunity to meet regulatory requirements. And take another step towards digital transformation in a simple and transparent way with consumers.


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Digital signage encourages communication

Faced with an increasingly digitized and informed consumer, digital signage provides the possibility of communication between companies and their customers through a simple mechanism such as scanning QR code.

Among the digital signage solutions on the market, some stand out for their special value. That is the case Original digital wine, a solution from Traceable from Valencia.

For this reason, this easy-to-use platform stands out with its additional functionalities such as, for example, the option to tell the story of the product step by step in a customizable and graphical way to give greater visibility and value of the work behind each bottle of wine, stands out Pablo Rodrigo, CEO of Traceable.

Since its launch, this digital signage solution is in the process of continuous improvement through cooperation with some clients in the sector. With a simple interface and usage data, it has joined forces with other companies in the sector to expand its functionalities.

Experts conclude that this digital labeling alternative facilitates the adaptation process and allows wine producers to differentiate themselves from the competition by offering the consumer transparency and communication what do you need.

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