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Social distancing caused by the Covid-19 pandemic had consequences on digital marketingcompanies were forced to redesign their strategies to reach an audience that was limited but still wanted to continue consuming their favorite products.

2022 will be a particularly important year at the level digital strategy and even more so with the situation we are experiencing. Jesús Nieto, professor of the master’s degree in digital marketing, believes that “the pandemic did not distort the evolution of digital marketing, but forced many companies to take it more seriously and invest more in digital visibility. And the pandemic didn’t change things, it accelerated them.”

However, this caused a saturation of similar products, so it was possible to find a number of similar products that did not provide a point of differentiation. This has led companies to focus on developing a good brand experience strategy that makes it easier for consumers to make purchasing decisions.

Artificial intelligence, a key tool

The Artificial Intelligence and automation are becoming the real protagonists of digital advertising campaigns. “Managers will have to focus more and more on the strategy and how to increase the conversion of the funnel, and less and less on segmentations, the choice of keywords, among others,” said Alejandro Martin, professor of the master’s degree in digital marketing.

In the framework of access and communication with clients or potential customers, marketing automation It has a relevant role since with the progress of artificial intelligence it is possible to develop new very interesting models and solutions for segmenting the public.

In this sense, artificial intelligence will play a fundamental role in digital marketing in the future, so players in the sector must implement this system in order to reach their most loyal customers, as well as to be able to attract new ones, while saving costs and accelerating growth.

Focus on customer needs

Complications of the pandemic forced many commercial lines to cease operations, so consumers were forced to resort to using online shopping.

During 2021, much more will be used technology to create better human experiences. In addition, personalize marketing and sales campaigns and work on empathy and trust of the brand towards potential customers.

  • The client is asking for more and more supermarket and automation.
  • You want more immediacy and personalization.
  • We need to know our buyer persona, their buyer journey, and the data will help us create unique experiences.

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